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New Edition


"Land-Rover - The Early Years" was the first definitive book on the early history of these versatile vehicles, covering in depth the development from 1947 to 1951 of all the 80" models from prototype to production, soft top to station wagon, until the introduction of a larger engine and longer wheel base.

The author traced some seventeen [of the 48] prototype vehicles during the research and writing the book, taking some twelve years before going into print during which time he restored two vehicles #L.29 and #R.04.

The 1st Edition was launched at the Classic Car Show at Brighton in 1982 foolscap soft back perfectly bound with card covers, followed four years later in 1986 with the New Edition A4 size and hardback with 2,000 copies being printed. The first edition was a numbered limited edition of 1,000 copies with some additional unnumbered ‘review’ copies for the various publications extant at that time. Coloured foolscap and later B&W A5 flyers were used for pre-publication advertising – these are now very rare.

Whilst this book has been out of print for over 35 years, demand is still strong and copies do become available from time to time, please request up to date list of copies available from the author.

A cache of spare dust wrappers exist and replacement covers are still available for the hardback edition as in 1986 500 more were printed then the books published. The ever rising publishing costs over the years have precluded any reprint, save for the Land-Rover Register which reprinted the 1st Edition soft back, now available from the author signed at £37.50 plus £7 Royal Mail Signfor postage UK and overseas Recorded Airmail postage of 15 GBP [EU] and 23 GBP {Worldwide].

Buying or selling “The Early Years” Please contact: Tony Hutchings on 01730 263275.